The Voice

Ajinkya Mulay
2 min readMar 20, 2020

He is always there with you, always giving advice, making suggestions, criticizing, laughing with you, smiling with you, and dreaming with you.

Sometimes you love him and sometimes you just wish for him to shut up. You want him to take a moment off and just lay still with you. Just cherish the moment that is now. But, it races ahead of you, into one parallel universe after another. Now, you have lost track of the place where you started from.

It is at this moment that you remember that things used to be so simple. You saw things as they were, at least you thought you did. You don’t remember when things changed so much. It was just the other day that you were excited about everything that the world wanted to offer you. But, somewhere it became a bit bleak, it was still exciting, but it seemed a made-up thing rather than something real. It was more of a thank you note for participation in this everyday circus.

One day you, however, decided that enough was enough. You missed the innocence of daily life. You missed the small things in life. So, you decided that you were going to cherish every moment of your life. You knew that life was still simple if you wanted it to.